How To: Play the "think fast" kid's party game

Play the "think fast" kid's party game

Hello, my name is Nicole Valentine and on behalf of Expert Village, I'm here to talk to you about how to coordinate birthday games for a birthday party. We're going to now talk about how to play the game think fast. This is a very simple game. Just use a ball that you have at home, go to your kids room, go to the toy box and choose an easy ball and you would like to line the guest of the party in a circle. Choose a theme. If it's a boy's party, you might want to go with Power Rangers, or sports just depending on how old they are. So once the theme is chosen for each round of the game, you're going to start the first round. Let's say the theme is sports. So you choose someone to start the game off. That person would have to first call out a sport name. Football. Toss the ball. Whoever catches it within 3 seconds, will have to say another sport game. Baseball. They then will toss the ball to someone else in the circle and they have 3 seconds to come up with another sport name. Softball. The game continues to go on until the last person is standing. Once the person does not think of a sport game, they are out. This is a fun game and you're able to gather everyone back in to choose a new theme. Food, candy, TV shows, whatever it is just be creative. Football. Baseball. Soccer. Boxing. Tennis. I'm out!

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