How To: Play Guess How Many

Play Guess How Many

This is a great guessing game you can play at any party.
You Will Need
* A clear container with lid
* Candy
* Small toys
* Nickels
* Pencils
* Paper
* A small basket or box
* Small objects or trinkets (optional)

Step 1
Fill a clear container with a known amount of candy. Add some nickels and tiny toys to the container and close the lid.

Instead of nickels and toys you can use any small object or trinkets.

Step 2
Have everyone guess how many candies are in the container. Players can turn the container but cannot shake it or remove the lid.

Step 3
Pass out the pencils and paper. Have everyone write down their name and the number of candies they think are in the jar and put it in the box.

You can have multiple winners by having people guess how many coins and toys are in the jar.

Step 4
Collect the entries from the box and see who had the closest guess. The winner gets to keep the candy jar.

Fact: Every year 16 billion jelly beans are produced for Easter.

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