How To: Play marbles - the tournament way

Play marbles - the tournament way

If you're serious about playing marbles, than you probably knew there are actually marbles tournaments around the world. If you want to know how to play marbles, the tournament way, then this video will help you understand the basic rules and regulations. This is for serious marble players.

1. Two players compete each other. Both players have to use different color of marbles.

2. The game begins by throwing one marble and aiming it into the hole. The player, whose marble is closer to the hole, decide who will start the odd games and who the even games.

3. First player starts by throwing all his marbles (one by one) in direction of the hole. Then throws the marbles the second player.

4. When finished with throwing all marbles, players continue the game by shooting marbles in direction of the hole. Player with more marbles in the hole (or player who has his best marble closer to the hole) takes first turn to shoot. Players shoot only their own marbles. Players are alternating in the game after each shot.

5. The player who puts all his marbles in the hole first becomes the winner of the game. The winner of the match is the player who has won given number of games.

6. The marbles should be made from any non-metal material and should be no greater than 16,5 mm in diameter. The throwing line is 7.5 m long from the center of the hole. The hole has to be 9 - 11 cm in diameter.

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