How To: Play musical pillows

Play musical pillows

Looking for a party game for your child's next birthday party? Follow these directions to have your party participants skipping around the room, playing "Musical Pillows".

You Will Need:
• A radio or other music player
• A music operator
• Participants
• Pillows

Step 1: Choose radio operator
Direct one person to operate the radio.

Step 2: Arrange two pillow rows
Arrange two rows of pillows, one pillow for each player, except the music operator.

Step 3: Start the music and walk
Remove one pillow and start the music. The participants walk around the outside of the pillow rows.

Step 4: Stop the music
Stop the music. The participants scramble to find a pillow to sit on. Only one participant to a pillow.

Step 5: Eliminate one player and one pillow
Eliminate the player that did not sit on a pillow and remove another pillow.

Step 6: Repeat steps four to six
Repeat starting and stopping the music until only one person is left. They are declared the winner.

Trivia: Musical chairs, also called "Going to Jerusalem," originated between 1875 and 1880.

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