How To: Play hangman

Play hangman

The quick and easy game of hangman is a great way to have fun with a friend.
You Will Need
* A partner
* A pen or pencil
* Paper

Step 1
Pick one person to be the executioner. That person should think of a word or phrase for the other person to guess.

Step 2
Draw a "scaffold" on the paper. Below it, the executioner draws a short dash for each letter of the word or phrase; being sure to include a gap or slash between words.

Step 3
Have the other person guess which letters are in the word or phrase, one at a time.

Step 4
If the letter is part of the answer, the executioner writes it in each space that corresponds with the answer. If the letter is not in the answer, a body part of a stick figure is drawn attached to the scaffold.

Depending on how long you want to game to last, include more or fewer body parts: arms, legs, head, torso, hands, feet, and so on.

Step 5
Keep guessing and adding body parts until the executioner wins by finishing the body or the guesser wins by completing the answer.

Fact: Since its premiere in 1983, the hangman-inspired game show Wheel of Fortune has broadcast more than 5,000 episodes and awarded over $200 million in cash and prizes.

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