How To: Play fruit basket musical chairs

Play fruit basket musical chairs

This is the classic game of musical chairs with a little fruit added.
You Will Need
* Participants
* Music
* Chairs
* Fruit names assigned to each participant

Step 1
Choose a person to start and stop the music throughout the game.

Step 2
Set up the chairs in a circle. Have each participant sit in a chair.

Step 3
Divide the participants into groups of two or three and assign the name of a fruit, such as pears, bananas, or cherries, to each group.

Step 4
Play the music and call out a fruit group. Members of that group get up and walk around the chairs. Remove one of their chairs.

Step 5
Stop the music. The participants must find an empty seat and the person without a seat is eliminated.

Have the eliminated person help with the music or call out the next fruit.

Step 6
Continue the same process until all the fruit groups are called.

Step 7
Call out "upset the fruit basket" and everyone has to get up and walk around the circle. Remove a chair.

Step 8
Continue playing until there is one participant in the last chair. They are the last fruit in the basket and win the game.

Fact: There are 1,000 different varieties of bananas.

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