How To: Play the "can you read my mind" kid's party game

Play the "can you read my mind" kid's party game

Hello! My name is Nicole Valentine and on behalf of Expert Village, I'm here to talk to you about how to coordinate birthday games for a birthday party. Now we're going to discuss the game can you read my mind. This game has a little bit of mystery flavor to it. You'll see what I mean. In this game, you need to utilize 2 rooms. In the first main room, you have all the guests of your party. Then later we'll instruct the guests we're going to play a game called can you read my mind and the goal is to have one person leave out of the room and then to choose another person who's part of the guest part to choose an item that's in the room. Let's say a picture on the wall. The person that's outside of the room does not know what the item is to be chosen. The leader goes, gets the person, but prior to getting the person, the leader instructs the person here's a secret to the game can you read my mind. I'm going to choose several items in the room. Then when I come to a black item, you're going to say no to that item. Whatever item I choose after the black item, that's the item that the person part of the party chosen. That's the key to you figuring out the item that was chosen. All the guest will think that this person who left the room is actually a mind reader. It's a lot of fun and it usually lasts for a long time because the guests want to figure out the key. Keep on playing and make it fun.

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